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Wooden Perforated Acoustic Panel (V32/6/15)
1. Finishes: Melamine, Wooden veneer, fireproof surface and painting
2. Acoustic tissue: Black felt attached on the back for fireproof and soundproof.
3. Type: E16/6/15, V32/6/15, E16/3-10/15, V32/3-10/15 or made on your kindly request.
4. Specification: L600mm*W600mm*H15mm,L600mm*W1200mm*H15mm,or made on your kindly request.
5. Thickness: 6/9/12/15/18mm
6. Tolerance: 0.1mm.
7. Color: choose as to our color samples or made on your kindly request.
8. Theory: Perforated both on the front and the back of the panel with structure. It is usually used on ceiling for sound absorbing.